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James Comey is an American lawyer who served as the seventh director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He had a long and storied career with the FBI, as his Wikipedia page shows, serving under three presidents. Up until recently, he had been a lifelong registered Republican.

He was unceremoniously dismissed by Donald J. Trump on May 9, 2017. Statements from Trump and the White House suggested that he had been dismissed to ease the "pressure" Trump was under due to the Russia investigation.

The dismissal was controversial, given the circumstances at the time. White House statements initially indicated his dismissal was not related to the Russia investigation, but in an interview with Lester Holt shortly after the dismissal, Trump himself stated "You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.In subsequent testimony given to the Senate Intelligence Committee under oath, he stated that Mr. Trump did not directly tell him to stop his investigation into Russia's efforts to influence the election. However, he made it clear that while Trump did not use those exact words, his tone, demeanor, and carefully-worded questions and statements to Mr. Comey indicated, with little ambiguity, that this is exactly what Trump wanted.  Immediately following his meetings with Trump, he did his best to write up notes about the meetings in memos (a standard FBI practice, by the way - agents are trained to document everything in the course of doing their jobs).

Apart from his Senate Intelligence Committee testimony, Comey has been relatively quiet about his experience working as FBI director under Trump, and his subsequent dismissal. As of spring 2018, that has changed; Comey has written a new memoir of his FBI experiences, called "A Higher Loyalty: Truth Lies and Leadership." The memoir covers his carreer and includes details regarding his dismissal and its aftermath. Prior to the book's official release, early previews indicate it does not show Trump in a positive light.

I find it interesting that, in addition to the expected Trump Twitter comments lambasting Comey and his book, the Republican National Committee has seen fit to launch a "Lyin' Comey" web site prior to the book's release. The site is intended to undercut the impact of Comey's book and control the narrative surrounding the release of the book, before the general public has had a chance to read it.

The "Lyin' Comey" web site is unrelenting in its characterization of Comey as a bold-faced liar, whose statements in the book can't be trusted. Citing a handful of sources, mostly opinion-based, it paints a damning portrait of Comey's character. The web site is, in essence, an exercise in character assassination. I find it hard to believe that someone painted as so untrustworthy would have lasted so long as an employee of the FBI.

Why would the RNC, and the Trump administration, be so concerned about the fallout from this book? Michael Wolff's book Fire And Fury paints a similarly damning portrait of Trump and his administration, but the RNC did not feel the need to create a web site to discredit the many anecdotes of dysfunction, incompetence, and subterfuge exhibited on the part of Trump and his administration.


The reaction from Trump and the RNC to Comey's book makes one thing clear - they are afraid of Comey. They fear people will take Comey's chapters on Trump and his administration seriously. They are afraid that if this happens, they will not be able to get ahead of the narrative and control public perception of Trump. Doing this ahead of the book's publication is as clear an indication as any that if the RNC and the GOP do not get in front of and control the narrative, the negative consequences of public perception to the Trump administration will be devastating.

I hunbly ask that you take all of this into consideration as you look over the RNC & GOP hatchet job on Comey in its "Lyin' Comey" web site. They are running scared. They are working as hard as possible to keep people from realizing how scared they are. And they should be scared at this point. They hitched their wagon to a bum steer. Try as they might to avoid it, they will pay a heavy price for their determination to convince both themselves and the voting populace otherwise.

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